5 Tips to More Affiliate Cash

Marketing16These 5 tips is all about you making more money as an affiliate.

In this section, you’ll find out what the super affiliates know about banking bigger checks…

Tip #1: Read the affiliate agreement. That’s right, before you start promoting a new affiliate product, be sure to read the affiliate agreement and terms of service on the vendor’s site.

Doing so will eliminate nasty surprises, such as “no affiliate payouts until you reach $1500 in commissions or until Haley’s comet swings by Earth again.”

Note: OK, I made that one up – but you’d be surprised at what type of profit-draining clauses you’ll find inside some of these agreements!

Tip #2: Ask the product vendor for bigger commissions. Once you earn a reputation as a super affiliate in your niche, OR once you’ve proven your sales record to a specific vendor, you can approach that vendor and ask for a bigger commission rate.

Many vendors already have a rate that they offer to special partners. You can simply ask, “do you have a higher super affiliate commission rate?” If not, then ask the vendor to provide you with a higher commission rate. If you’re making a lot of money for the marketer, he probably won’t refuse.

Tip #3: Ask the vendor for a unique landing page. One way to increase sales is by personalizing sales material as much as possible. And while you can’t greet your subscribers personally by name on a vendor’s sales page, you CAN ask the vendor for a unique landing page that offers something a little different than the standard page.

Example: Your custom landing page might greet your subscribers like this, “Special Offer for [Your Name]’s Subscribers and Friends.” In addition, your custom landing page can include some of the features you’ll learn about in tips

#4 and #5.

Extra Tip: As usual, it helps if you’ve already demonstrated to a particular vendor that you can produce sales. Once you’ve done that, the vendor will be more accommodating to your requests. This applies to the next two tips as well.

Tip #4: Secure exclusive discounts for your customers. As mentioned before, your prospects like to get a good deal. And one way to get them a good deal while making you look like a hero is to secure an exclusive (perhaps limited-time) discount through the vendor.

If you haven’t yet made any sales for this particular vendor (and you don’t have a reputation in the niche), then you may suggest a commission split.

Example: The vendor can create a special link on a $100 product that gives you a $25 commission and gives your customers a $25 discount. This is no hardship on the vendor, since he still gets his 50% commission. (However, some vendors don’t want to sell the product below a certain price, so they may refuse.)

Tip #5: Ask the vendor for exclusive bonuses for your customers. Earlier you found out that you can beat your competitors by “adding value” to an offer. However, once you’ve proven that you can produce sales for a vendor, he or she might be willing to add an exclusive bonus package for anyone who orders through your affiliate link.

Let’s suppose you’re selling a copywriting ebook. Your vendor may be willing to offer access to a private copywriting forum to anyone ordering through your link.

Conclusion: If you follow these 5 tips, It will help you to become a better affiliate. You will know what to look for and what not to look for.

Stay tuned, I will share more tips that will help you generate more cash.

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