5 Keys To Starting A Online Business From Home!

1. First,you want to establish what type of home Internet based business you want to start. Example, Do you want to create a product that people want? If so,then find out exactly what product people are looking for, then create that product. Such as Information products,videos,audio,or e-books.Go also to clickbank.com and set up an account so you can get paid.

2. Now go to google,type in free websites, set up your website. Preferably WordPress. Then go to www.godaddy.com,and set up a domaine name. This is for domaine forwarding that will allow you to advertise your prod.on google,or free classified ads.com,etc.This will drive traffic to your website.”Domaine name” is just a .com name you set up to direct traffic to a website.

3. The most easy and profitable way that millionaires have made it online is to become an Affiliate Marketer. Here is where you sell others people or companies products and get paid a commission. Sites such as cbengine.com,clickbank.com to mention a few.

4. You can also plug into a home based internet company that already has a proven system set in place. This will take all the guess work and aggravation out of trying to start a business from scratch. I have done much research and homework on legitimate home based businesses. There is good and bad out there so please beware.

5. In my honest opinion, when you look to go into business with a company as an Affiliate, you
want to make sure that they have been in business for at least 5 years. Why?

#1. It shows that they are a stable company.

#2. They have been around more than 3 years, Alot of businesses fail within the first 3 years,
some in their 1st. year.

At the least, require 3yrs. But It”s up to you.

I hope this helps…

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